1 for a signature witnessing the notary must witness the document being signed in states such as colorado and pennsylvania a signature witnessing is used when it is important to establish that a document was signed on an exact date like an acknowledgment a signature witnessing requires the signer to physically appear before a notary and be identified hellip.

When a person takes an oath their signature signifies the acceptance of it for this reason it is necessary to observe the person appearing before you affix his or her signature to the document if the document has already been signed the signer can sign his or her name again above or next to the first signature.

The entries in a california notary rsquo s journal for each notarial act must include gc 8206 nph bull date time and type of each official act bull character type or title of every document sworn to affirmed acknowledged or proved before the notary bull signature of each person whose signature is notarized including the signature of any.

After affixing your signature address the notary and leave a space for their seal and signature it is very important to use notary wording in your letter another important thing to remember is to mention the location where you have your document notarized and the date when you signed the document.