The Future of Family Court: Structure, Skills and Less Stress

The Future of Family Court is designed for judicial officers with an emphasis on applying lessonslearned from the field of mental health to the family court system, especially when working with parentswith personality disorders or traits.Written from Bill Eddy’s perspective as a family lawyer and mental health professional, and as a trainerof judges in managing high-conflict people in court, he provides tips on what individual judges cando, rather than recommending sweeping changes in the court system or creating new players in thedecision-making process.The court is in a good position to prevent child stress from the start or to reduce it by mandating effortsfor positive change by their parents – from ordering parenting programs and classes, to setting limitson emotional attacks during the hearing process.Judges who apply the principles described in this book should feel a much better sense of controlover their courtrooms and less stress, as the families are doing more of the work, practicing conflictresolution skills that will help them raise their children out of court, or showing each other’s patternsof behavior to more accurately see what needs attention and protective orders.

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Book Title: The Future of Family Court: Structure, Skills and Less Stress

Book Author: Bill Eddy LCSW Esq

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